Fire Safety Signs

We supply and install a large range of fire and health and safety signs. All signs are photoluminescent or “glow in the dark” and comply with EU 92/58 EEC.

fire protection emergency exit fire protection exit signs fire protection wall signs

Fire Blankets

A fire blanket is ideal for combating chip pan fires, waste bin fires, small laboratory fires or even as protection for people. Indeed any fire where by smothering the flames and therefore cutting off the oxygen supply it will put out the fire. We offer all ranges of fire blankets in various sizes to suit. All our blankets comply to the current British Standards BSEN 1869:1997.

fire protection blankets

Trolley Units

Mobile trolley units are deployed in high risk areas where there is a possible lack of additional fire fighting cover. They can be easily operated by one person. Simply by opening a screw-down valve on a Co2 gas bottle, with the discharge control at the end of the hose assembly. Trolley Units are available filled with Water, AFFF Foam, Multi-purpose ABC Powder, Standard BC Powder and Carbon Dioxide (Co2).

fire extinguisher trolley

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Vehicle Boxes and Stands

Fire extinguisher cabinets and vehicle boxes are designed to protect your fire fighting equipment from the outside elements or where the inside environment is prone to dust, paint spray etc. Cabinets and boxes come in a variety of sizes to meet specific requirements.

We also supply plastic stands and tubular metal stands for when the wall mounting of extinguishers is not always possible.

fire extinguisher cabinet

First Aid Equipment & Emergency Kits

We offer a full range of First Aid kits and emergency kits for the workplace, home, holiday or travel. From 2 persons to 50 persons. First aid kit refills are available.

fire protection first aid kit

Spill Kits

We offer a variety of spill kits that are ideal for efficiently cleaning up and controlling spillages. We supply spill kits and absorbents for general purpose, chemicals and oil.

fire protection chemical spill kit